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1 Dr. Priti ElhenceBack To Basics Of Immunohematology View Download
2 Dr. Dolly DanielAlgorithms in Immunohaematology View Download
3 Dr. Poonam ShrivastavaCase Studies From The Trenches View Download
4Dr. Ankit MathurAdding to platelet safety & life Experience with Platelet Additive Solution(PAS) View Download
5 Dr. Anton Van WeertNat In Blood Donation Screening View Download
6 Dr. Tulika ChandraNAT Experience in Government Sector View Download
7 Dr. Atul Arun Kulkarni NAT in India Where We Stand View Download
8 Dr. Rema MenonUniversal Leucodepletion-A Real Time Experience View Download
9 Dr. Aseem K Tiwari (Moderator) Panel Discussion On Leucodepletion View Download
10 Dr. Sudarshan Kriya Success Without Stress View Download
11Dr. Vinita SrivastavaMaking Blood Accessible View Download
12 Dr. Smita MahapatraDeveloping Self Sustainable Blood Services In The State View Download
13Mr. Amarjeet Singh Cheemae Raktkosh-connecting blood banks View Download
14 Dr. Kabita ChatterjeeResidual Risk Estimation Of HBV, HCV Or HIV infection After ID-NAT Testing Of A Blood Unit View Download
15Dr. Meenu BajpaiZika Virus And The Blood Supply –What Do We Know! View Download
16 Dr. Aseem TiwariShould Anti-HB core testing In Blood View Download
17 Dr. Prasun BhattacharyaHepatitis B In Blood Donors -The Changing Scenario View Download
18 Dr. Narinder Naidu (Moderator)Panel Discussion : A Relook Into Screening Of Blood Units In India View Download
19Dr.P.ArumugamDengue Virus Is It An Emerging Threat To Blood Safety View Download
20 Dr. R R SharmaClinical Applications Of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy View Download
21 Dr. Shashank OjhaEvolution Of BB TO CTU View Download
22 Dr. Dinesh Bhurani Stem Cells View Download
23 Dr. Khozema SaifyEfficacy of Platelet Components and Cord Blood View Download
24 Dr. Vikas HegdePrediction Score In The Blood Component Utilization In Live Donor View Download
25Dr. Gunjan BhardwajChanging Trends In Indications For Therapeutic Apheresis View Download
26 Dr. Satyam AroraEfficiency of Uncontrolled-Rate Freezing View Download
27Dr. Subbaiah R MBleeders-Is There A Meeting Point Between Thromboelastogram And Traditional Tests Of Coagulation View Download
28 Dr. Shailesh Lavana Does Miniscreen Minimize Transfusion View Download
29Dr. Anita TendulkarEvaluation Of In-Vitro Changes And Transfusion Efficacy Of Apheresis Platelet Concentrates View Download
30Miss Kiran KachhadiyaStudy Of CHLIA And ELISA For TTI Markers In Blood Donors View Download
31Dr. Ritam ChakrabartyEnhancing Blood Safety View Download
32Dr. Apexa Trivedi Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing View Download
33Dr. Ritam ChakrabartyOptimization Of Platelet Quality View Download
34 Dr. Diptiranjan RoutFive Years Of Experience With Id-Nat At A Tertiary Care Centre In North India View Download
35 Dr. Rahul ChaurasiaA Pilot Study Evaluating The Efficacy Of Mirasol Pathogen Reduction Technique For Platelet Concentrates View Download
36Dr. Chawan K MOptimization Of Donor Pool, Product Quality View Download
37Dr. Lokesh SharmaExtended Health Check-Up As An Incentive To Blood Donor And Its Impact On The Blood Donation View Download
38Dr. R. RajbharathAnalysis Of Temperature Deviations In Storage Of Red Cell View Download
39Dr. Ahmed REffectiveness Of The “Uniform Protocol For Dispensing Platelets” To Rationalize Platelet Transfusion Therapy View Download
40Dr. K. C. Usha Effect Of A Temple Fireworks Disaster On Blood Supply & Safety Experience In A Tertiary Care Centre In Kerala View Download
41Dr. Rekha HansChallenges In Therapeutic Plasma Exchange In Pediatric Patients-Experience From A Tertiary Care Centre From North India View Download
42Dr. Anand DeshpandeHLA Antibody detection in Solid View Download
43 Dr. Sangeeta PathakTRALI –New challenges for View Download
44 Dr. Sabita BasuAllogeneic Hemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Transfusion issues View Download
45 Dr. Ravindra Pratap SinghMoving From Manual To Automated Standardization Of Anti –A & Anti-B Titration In Abo Irenal Transplantation View Download
46Dr. Aikaj JindalPractical Approach To PBSC Extraction In Paediatric Population View Download
47Dr. Ravi C. DaraPanel Discussion Managing Transfusion Support In Stem Cell View Download
48Dr. Shanoo Mishra Assessment of NACO supported View Download
49Dr. Joy MammenPolicy Matters View Download
50Dr. Joy MammenRoll Out of EQAS for Blood Banks in India View Download
51Dr. (Prof.) Neelam Marwaha Haemovigilance Programme of India View Download
52Dr. Bharat SinghNABH Accreditation of Blood View Download
53Dr. Zarin BharuchaPanel Discussion - Role Of Regulation In Protecting Blood Transfusion Safety View Download
54Dr. Sangeeta PahujaRed Cell Antibodies View Download
55 Dr. Nidhi BhatnagarEquipment Management-An Essential Component of View Download
56 Dr. Priti DesaiRed Cell Hemolysis during Storage and Transportation View Download
57Dr. RavneetKaurPractical approach to NOT giving wrong blood in emergency View Download
58Dr Deepti SachanResurgence of transfusion services after chennai floods View Download
59Dr. Prasanna N KumarImpact Of Monitoring Quality Indicators On Transfusion Services View Download
60Mr. Roland BisetWhole Blood Processing By Automation View Download
61Dr. Anila MathanHarnessing available resources to enhance the quality of decision making in Transfusion Medicine View Download
62 Dr. Satyam AroraApplication of Cryopreservation View Download
63Dr. Andreas KuhroeberMolecular Blood Group Typing and Transplant Immunology View Download
64Dr. S. KingsleyFeasible options to address platelet refractoriness in India View Download
65Liver Transplantation in India View Download
66 Dr. Jayashree Sharma Informed consent View Download
67 Dr. Ashish JainABO isoagglutinintitration application, method and controversies View Download
68Dr. Swati KulkarniThe Conundrum over “D” View Download
69Dr. Shamee ShastryABO HDFN Are we doing right View Download
70Dr. Sudipta Sekhar DasIs Partial matching of blood group antigens a mitigation View Download
71 Dr. SusheelaInnahAre we bleeding our donors dry View Download
72Dr. P SrinivasanQuality , Quantity and Sustainability -Is it time to rethink on independent blood banks View Download
73 Dr. Tulika ChandraDonor selection in blood safety -How serious we are View Download
74 Dr. Anupam VermaHemophilia scenario in India- View Download
75Dr. J. P. PrasadExperiences of Blood Plasma Products View Download
76Dr. Ranjeet S. AjmaniHistorical Perspective Plasma Products in View Download
77 Dr. Harprit SinghTransfusion Medicine and Public Health View Download
78Dr. Harita GogriMolecular genotyping of Human Neutrophil Antigen-3 among Indian blood donors View Download
79 Dr. Brinda KakkarRetrospective analysis of ABO discrepancies among patients and blood donors in a tertiary care hospital View Download
80Dr. Srivalli A When separating the grain from chaff View Download
81Dr. Ritam ChakrabartyOptimization of blood safety View Download
82 Dr. Prashant PandeyStandardization of column agglutination (CAT) and solid phase red cell adherence (SPRCA) techniques View Download
83Dr. Lakshita VarshneyQuality Indicators View Download
84Dr. Antonio PaulCorrelation Between CD34 Percentage Of Pre –Apheresis Peripheral Blood And Stem Cell Harvest View Download
85Dr. (Maj) Amit Ajay PawarIn Vitro Comparative Analysis of Clotting Factors and Inhibitors in Apheresis View Download
86Dr. Vikas HegdeABO Incompatible Liver Transplant In A Patient With An Anaphylactic Reaction To Fresh Frozen Plasma View Download
87Dr. Ganesh MohanImpact Of Maternal IgG Anti A&B Titres On The Clinical Outcome Of Neonates In ABO Hdfn View Download
88Dr. Bharat SinghPlatelet Rich Plasma View Download
89 Dr. Pragya KafleyThromboelastography View Download
90Dr. Veena ShenoyPredictors Of Engraftment In Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation View Download
91Dr. Nidhi Agrawal120 Units Of Placental Umbilical Cord Blood Transfusions In 77 Patients With Different Clinical Conditions View Download
92Dr. Poonam WoikePrevalence Of Abh Secretor And Non-Secretor Status In Greater Gwalior Region And It’s Clinical Significance View Download
93Dr. Deepti SachanAntibodies to Co-trimoxazole interfering with routine antibody screening View Download
94Dr. Deepti SachanTTherapeutic Plasma Exchange In Acute Liver Failure View Download
95Dr Anita TendulkarTherapeutic Leukocyte Reduction (TLR) For Myeloid Leukaemia's View Download
96Dr. Anil KhetarpalTherapeutic Options in Thrombotic MicroangiopathiesDR View Download
97 Dr. Ravi C DaraMy 'SDP' is better than your pooled 'RDP'-Really View Download
98Dr.( Prof.) R.N. MakrooRole Of Molecular Genotyping View Download
99 Dr. Arun RFreeze Dried Plasma-Role in Emergency Resuscitation View Download
100 Dr. Chetan S. MakamA Quick Tutorial on Lean Six Sigma View Download
101 Dr. Sudha RanganathanApproach of a Transfusion Medicine View Download
102 Dr. Sitalakshmi SubramanianA View of Coagulation from Transfusion Medicine Perspective View Download
103 Dr. Gagandeep KaurChallenges in management of chronically Transfused Patients View Download
104 Dr. Anil K. GuptaChildren are not just compressed adult Special needs of pediatric patients View Download
105Dr. Abhijit UdgaonkarProtocol Based Management In Massive Blood Loss View Download
106 Dr. K.C.UshaTransfusion Support In Hepatobiliary And Pancreatic Surgeries View Download
107 Dr. Sangeeta AgarwalLiberal versus Restrictive Use of Blood Components View Download
108 Dr. Babita RaghuwanshiTransfusion Medicine Role of Media & Bollywood View Download
109 Dr. Poonam ShrivastavaCompatibility Testing Issues in Hemoglobinopathies View Download
110 Dr. Rahul BhargavaTreatment Options in Genetic Blood Disorders View Download
111 Dr. Surekha DeviWhat are the challenges in DDLT considering Indian scenario View Download
112 Dr. Anup ChandPlatelet Collections Using TRIMA. The New Zealand Experience View Download
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