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Transfusion medicine is the practice of laboratory and clinical medicine concerned with all aspects of blood transfusion, including the scientific basis of transfusion, selection and recruitment of blood donors, utilization, preparation of blood components, pretransfusion testing, transfusion of blood components, adverse effects of blood transfusion, transplantation, histocompatibility, therapeutic apheresis, medicolegal considerations of transfusion, management aspects of blood services, including regulatory issues.

Considering the leaps and bounds by which the specialty has grown over last 2-3 decades in India, the need for trained personnel became essential. Objective six of the action plan of blood safety reads as "to strengthen manpower through human resource development." In recognition of this need, the Medical Council of India granted approval to conduct MD immunohematology and blood transfusion (transfusion medicine) course and the National Board in Immunohaematology and Transfusion Medicine.

Keeping with this trend, a strong need of scientific body which can provide a scientific platform for exchange of views and providing guidelines in India. This lead to creation of a scientific society dedicated for Transfusion Medicine in India named as Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine in 2011 at Bhopal.

Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine (ISTM) will serve as a platform for scientific discussions, exchanges, deliberations, exchange of ideas, teaching and training with regards to Transfusion Medicine pertaining to Indian context. The society will also coordinate with internationally recognized organizations in this field to improve the scientific environment in the field.

The society was conceived as a dream in Bhopal and through untiring efforts of the revered members is now the biggest platform of the transfusion fraternity of the country. With the ever increasing membership of over 500 members, this society has transformed the blood transfusion services of the country into a one big family

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